Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lazy Hazy Summer

Here's hoping I have no LAZY summer myself. I am putting my new brochures out with all my updated pkgs on them and getting many inquiring phone calls. Hopefully I have a crazy summer with many weddings,seniors sessions, and much more.
I have some of my portfolio posted on my site already, so check it out!

Until I blog again, HAPPY SNAPPING!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Gallery Showing was a Hit!

Thanks to everyone who came on Saturday!!!!
Well it was pouring down rain the first half of the day and I was worried the turnout would would suffer because of it, but everyone ended up coming at the same time around 12:30 and the studio was packed! I could barely walk around to get to everyone to say hello! I am so lucky to have such support from family, and friends. Thanks again everyone!

Also I am not sure when it will be happening, but Mike Sweeney who is the stylist for Simone Associates (I am currently assisting there) offered me a month long time slot to showcase my work at the Allen Theater in Annville, PA! He knows the owner and used his pull to get me this wonderful opportunity. This is will be great way to get my work out there in the publics eye and hopefully bring in some work for me as well as open other creative doors.
I will keep updating my blog and I will hopefully know what month I will be showcasing my work VERY SOON!

Until I blog agian....HAPPY SNAPPING!!!